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Competition Contact person
Entry Window
Entry Fees
Categories Accepted
Samples needed for entry
Drop Off Location for Samples

Competition Contact person

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via the Contact section.

  • Sanet Van Heerden ( — General Competition Enquiries And Administration

Entry Window

Entries will be accepted online beginning 3 March 2020 to 26 May 2020.

Entry Fees

Early bird special R695.00 excluding VAT per entry if entry is done before normal rates are charged (21st April 2020).

Normal entry fee R875.00 excluding VAT per entry if the entry is done before late entry deadline (19th May 2020).

Late entry fee R1050.00 excluding VAT per entry before cutoff date for entries (27th May 2020).


After registering and completing entries, all participants must pay their entry fee(s).

Categories Accepted

Please select the Category. 1. Perlé or slightly Sparkling Wine 2. Sparkling Wine (Non MCC) RS<=15g/L
3. Sparkling Wine (Non MCC) RS>15g/L 4. Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) 5. Bukettraube
6. Chenin blanc (RS<=10g/L) 7. Chenin blanc RS>10g/L 8. Colombar (RS<=10g/L)
9.Colombar (RS>10g/L) 10. Chardonnay (RS<=10g/L) 11. Chardonnay (RS>10g/L)
12. Pinot Gris 13. Weisser Riesling (Rhine Riesling) 14. Sauvignon blanc (RS<=10g/L)
15. Sauvignon blanc (RS>10g/L) 16. Viognier 17. Other Single White Cultivar (RS<=10g/L)
18. Other Single White Cultivar (RS>10g/L) 19. White Blend (RS<=10g/L) 20. White Blend (RS>10g/L)
21. Blanc de Noir and Rosé (RS<=10g/L) 22. Blanc de Noir and Rosé (RS>10g/L) 23. Low Alcohol Wine (Alc<10%)
24. Pinot Noir (RS<=10g/L) 25. Pinotage(RS<=10g/L) 26. Malbec (RS<=10g/L)
27. Merlot (RS<=10g/L) 28. Mourvedre (RS<=10g/L) 29. Petit Verdot (RS<=10g/L)
30. Cabernet Franc (RS<=10g/L) 31. Cabernet Sauvignon(RS<=10g/L) 32. Shiraz (RS<=10g/L)
33. Other Red Cultivars (RS<=10g/L) 34. Bordeaux Styled Red (May only contain the 5 Bdx cultivars) (RS<=10g/L) 35. Cape Blend (Must contain at least 30% Pinotage, and no more than 70%) (RS<=10g/L)
36. Other Red Blend (RS<=10g/L) 37. Sweet Red (RS>10g/L) 38. Natural Sweet Wine
39. Special Late Harvest (RS>50g/L) 40. Noble Late Harvest 41. Straw Wine
42. Cape Ruby Port 43. Cape Tawny Port 44. Cape Vintage Port
45. Cape Late Bottled Vintage Port 46. Ports Other 47. White Jeripigo
48. Red Jeripigo 49. White Muscadel 50. Red Muscadel
51. Fino Sherry 52. Oloroso Sherry 53. Cream Sherry
54. Brandy Non Vintage/ Age not Defined 55. Brandy 3-8 Years 56. Brandy 9-12 years
57. Brandy 13-20 years 58. Brandy from Fruit 59. Whisky Scottish
60. Whiskey Irish 61. Whiskey – USA 62. Whiskies - Other
63. Vodka/Eau de Vie unflavoured 64. Flavoured Vodka/Eau de Vie 65. Rice Wine
66. Absinthe 67. Grappa - unflavoured 68. Grappa infused with other flavours
69. London Dry Gin 70. Plymouth style Gin 71. New style Gin
72. Gin Other 73. Tequila 74. Mezcal
75. Sotol 76. Unaged Rum 77. Aged Rum
78. White Rum 79. White Vermouth 80. Red Vermouth
81. Flavoured White Wine Still 82. Flavoured Red Wine Still 83. Sparkling Flavoured White Wine
84. Sparkling Flavoured Red Wine 85. Citrus Liqueur 86. Coffee Liqueur
87. Cream Liqueur 88. Fruit Liqueur 89. Herbal/Botanical/Spiced Liqueur
90. Nut Liqueur 91. Other Liqueur  

Samples needed for entry

For wines in 750 ml bottles, a sample has to comprise three bottles per entry. For wines in containers bigger than 750 ml, a sample has to comprise two units. For wines in containers smaller than 750 ml, a sample has to comprise four units.

For spirits, only two 750ml bottles are needed or the equivalent thereof.

Drop Off Location for Samples

Address: Nietvoorbij Experimental Cellar. Nietvoorbij, Klapmuts Road, R44, Stellenbosch, Care of Michelle Grimbeek 
Michelle Grimbeek: 082 773 0738
Samples should be delivered on: 1-2 June 2020 (Monday and Tuesday).
Directions: When you enter the main gate at Nietvoorbij, go through the security boom and drive up the road all the way until you reach the white walls at the top. You then turn left towards the experimental cellar and drive past the stairs on the right. Keep driving around the building, and to the right you will see the entrance to the back door of the cellar where the wine must be delivered.